Ikkivi stands for the emerging of a new age in fashion that defies the need for singular influences. We begin with India, a land steeped in tradition and extravagant handcraft – extravagance in effort and authenticity – and provide a common space for fashion designers both young and seasoned to dress the global individual. The result is a motley crowd of designers and an ever widening audience across the world. We believe in the nostalgia of loom and the ambition of experiences. We champion emerging designers and are in reverence of those so well established in the trade of designing for design’s sake. In an honestly eclectic mix of echelon, Ikkivi brings together stories and products of Indian designers who have always borne in mind that individuals will one day belong not only to their country, but also to the world. Each dress, trouser, shirt, jacket, bag and piece of accessory has been designed not just to sell but also to create. In the end, we hope you will find a piece of clothing or embellishment that will make you feel at home wherever you go.
Shall we?
Nivi S. Murthy & Nikhita Giridhar –Co-Founders
Somewhere between founding a New York based analytics startup for emerging designers, working at Goldman Sachs in London, studying at FIT in New York, backpacking across South East Asia, fellowship-ing at an NGO and coffee-ing over the fast fashion dystopia that India was grappling with, Ikkivi was born. The two – quitting jobs and moving countries – came together to question the gap that existed between the emerging and the established, the rooted and the traveler. And yes, their ages added together just about make it to 50, but they make up for it with their supreme conviction in culturally rich Indian talent and the luxury of being Indian in and away from India.
Amongst the things they have in common are postcodes, love of true design and fashion, belief in the borderless lure of Indian sensibilities and an appetite for endless challenges. It quite literally began on an unassuming afternoon when one of them said to the other, ‘I think we’ve beaten around the bush just enough now. Shall we?’

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