Padosan – The girl next door.

These five words define our girl next door.

Collection by Pushpak Vimaan




Though Dickensian in popular culture, larks are passerine birds found in Australia. However, should you consider this a nondescript description of a perfectly lively next-door neighbour, brought to life by Pushpak Vimaan’s Padosan collection, hold on.

We liken this colourful, vivacious, dramatic full-frilled neighbour to a group of larks. They’re known as many things but our favourite collective nouns for them are ‘a chattering’, ‘an exaltation’, ‘happiness’ and ‘a springful of larks’.

Padosan is Pushpak Vimaan’s foray into colourful, vivid storytelling. 100% cotton, mul-mul frills, flamboyant flares and cuts. What larks!



adjective / lamb(ə)nt/ of light or fire, glowing, gleaming, or flickering with a soft radiance

Is that you?

The intricate hand embroidery on this youthful, zesty collection lights it’s own spark. The gorgeous flares, the impressive back details and the colour palette brighten up a room.

The unbeknownst life of her lambent light proved happiness over and over again. 


Us. Most days.

You must spirit a kittenish quality to carry on the weight of everyday with an uncommon light-heartedness. At the risk of over-defining, the Straight Up dress by Pushpak Vimaan looms large on our mind.

Flirt if you must, with your rogue-like impishness but do it in the thigh-high slit pencil skirt in a sprightly yellow. Ensure sufficient breeze for the turn on the frill.


nee Flower Child/Wild Child/Free Spirit

‘A shape in a drape’ was beatnik speak for a well-dressed person. So was ‘everything plus’. She wasn’t just a shape in a drape, she was everything plus. And in Pushpak Vimaan’s Jump in Pink, wouldn’t anyone be?



adjective /ɪˈbʌljənt,ɪˈbʊljənt/ cheerful and full of energy

The Padosan Collection was designed for the world to rediscover itself with a child-like sense of wonder. The world needs more magic. The collection is a creation of airy confections, East meets West, traditional and contemporary, fantasy and reality.

A descriptive, energetic story slows down fashion, warms up hearts and begins relationships.

Padosan by Pushpak Vimaan now on

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