Androgyny & the Everyday Dress.

Vegetable dye, androgynous style and the union of khadi-linen


Inspiration for design often settles into the quietest of corners. On a sultry day, unusual for Winter, a desire took shape. They felt the need to make more than a statement.

The result was deconstruction, purpose and form.

In an evolving series of telling stories of each product, we introduce you to the mood, concept and character of designs by Chambray & Co.

1. Khadi-Linen for Winter’s Summer


Chambray & Co allow their styles to breathe in the delicate cross-weave of khadi-linen. Handspun khadi is given life with the sheen and structure of flax-plant linen.

The ethereal result is a season-defying fabric that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Designers at Chambray & Co. articulate the need for fabric that empowers the woman wearing it.

Weavers in West Bengal are fanned with the deepest understanding of the wearer in the hope that the fabric’s journey begins a quiet, meaningful relationship.

The Cross Dress by Chambray & Co.

2. Androgynous Dressing


Androgyny is an art form. Chambray & Co. translate it to fit their design ethic. In true modern realism, they believe in the need for comfort, style and power to play synonymously.

Overlapping layers, statement sleeves, deep pocket details compliment a comfortable outer silhouette. They dress the woman keeping the needs of a man in mind. The two have never lived separate lives and this deep understanding forms the structure of every ensemble designed.

Make A Statement by Chambray & Co.

3. The Beauty of Vegetable Dyes


Vegetable dyes are made from roots, berries, bark, leaves and wood. The brilliant permanence of colour sourced naturally, from plants, was previously a by-product of a simple life.

It has evolved today to a conscious effort at remaining as close to pure as we can. Chambray & Co. use vegetable dyes to achieve neutral tones of khaki, maroon and navy-blue, emphasizing the objectivity of the wearer. The hand-dyeing is done by artisans in Gujarat, prior to meeting the cut of a story, carefully told.

Chambray & Co. is now available on

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