Why we need to slow down

 It was inevitable from the start. The sale that digested us back to hunger at the turn of every corner. The balloon-eyed realization that you can have what he and she has, in every colour and size. It matters little that you only wear it once. It matters little wear it came from. It doesn’t cost you much. Like everything else. Food, throwaway necessities, clean air, water, calm thoughts, real dreams. But that $2.99 cold-shoulder jersey top comes with the steepest hidden price tag, don’t you think? Or perhaps I’m just throwing bromides out into the Universe. Let me weigh this out, for you and me.

1. Someone pays for it


Lost worker at the Rana Plaza Disaster

2. No matter which industry


Polluted beach in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania

3. If we paused, we could…


Enjoy the simple pleasures

4. Like these guys

Toda Weavers, South India

5. But then, no…


Black Friday, U.S.A.

6. But why?


Slow fashion = fewer, rare collections, timeless in their styles

7. So why not.


Isn’t there more to us?

Be the change. Join the slow fashion movement. We’re a happy family.. We love good thoughts. We love telling stories of why and where we found our clothes. We love our clothes. They’ll wait out the 30-year fashion cycle and come back into style.

Shop sensibly. For the long run. Slow down.

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