A&S speaks

I find it incredibly necessary to go beyond the person. I need to know why they’re here and what they make of this earth. I need to ask them what they mean. And I need them to know that I want to know every little thing, dark and light, simple and complex, forgotten and cherished, insignificant and celebrated. What are we all if not a careful genesis of each other.

Speaking to Astha of A&S, I get closer to all that they stand for.

What made you A&S?

It is very difficult to find like minded people, specially if you are a creative being with strong aesthetics and when you find that person, you should stick with them.

Where would you be if you had decided to follow the norm?

We always knew we had to let our creativity out through some channel .

What fabric does A&S depend on?

We are keen lover of block printing , from khadi( the golden print), to sanganeri to bagru, we love this craft and therefore all the fabrics that support this craft remain our favorite. Majorly cotton based fabrics with slight structure are used most in our work.

What’s the most underrated Indian tradition?

The use of nose accessories with its different mutations in different parts of the country , really allures us . I (astha) love sporting one , the bigger the better.

The one beautiful thing in the world today

Today the world has become so close , accessibility has become so much simpler, The world all around has become receptive to new ideas and experimentation, we feel this time is the best time for any artist to express themselves , to communicate their experiences freely.

There are too many designers…

due to the free access to internet , there are very few designers who are doing some original work or work that is true to themselves . it is very important to know who you are and to design clothes that are timeless reflection of oneself.

India is overdoing…

Right now there are very few story telling or engaging or curated channels , we are transacting on the basis of price only, which is also why there is overload of polyester and bulk production leading to unethical ways of manufacturing.

Favourite word.

Carpe diem

Your drug.

Travel and black coffee these are the two things that give us maximum high.

If not Delhi, then?

We love dilli but if not here then def. a place which is less polluted , peaceful and safer.

Beach or mountains?

Mountains for sure the heights, thrills us

Think or do?

A balance of both, Sidharth thinks more and I do more so its very well balanced between the two of us .

What’s the wildest (aspirational) dream you’ve ever had?

We often discuss about building a self sustained ANS village where the villagers are taught crafts to earn a living , we hope it really comes true someday .

What is your constant?


Style to you is…

A way to communicate. Style is infectious

Team Ikkivi 2015

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