Kassa Speaks

I find it incredibly necessary to go beyond the person. I need to know why they’re here and what they make of this earth. I need to ask them what they mean. And I need them to know that I want to know every little thing, dark and light, simple and complex, forgotten and cherished, insignificant and celebrated. What are we all if not a careful genesis of each other.

Speaking to Arushi of Studio Kassa, I get closer to all that they stand for.

What made you Kassa?

When two people having likewise admiration for Art/design, bags, shoes and accessories come together then it indeed works out in favor of the brand. Arpan and me, we both have design backgrounds from the University of Arts London in Designer Maker and Art direction at MICA, Ahmedabad respectively. Arpan’s grasp at product design and me being a Graphic Designer/illustrator allows Kassa’s products to be minimal yet graphical. We both dream like artists and think like entrepreneurs and hence we are a perfect fix when it comes to creating an art/design together.

Where would you be if you had decided to follow the norm?

We breathe art and design. We don’t know how to do anything else. Norm for us is Art and Design.

What fabric does Kassa depend on?

Leather Product range from KASSA includes old leather craft which involves making each and every piece of a Kassa bag/shoes/accessories/jackets with hands. The Raw materials we work with are Oil pull up leathers, Veg tan leather, suede, Nubuck leather, Industrial Felt and different kinds of Canvases. You can see a glimpse of KASSA’s raw materials and Shades of KASSA here in the photograph.MATERIALS.jpg

What’s the most underrated Indian tradition?

We don’t think that any Indian tradition is underrated. On the contrary, today’s peeps are making the most of everything in their own way.

The one beautiful thing in the world today

Art with utilility.

There are too many designers…

Doing things or designing something just for the sake of it. There is a difference between creating/designing and tweaking.

India is overdoing…

Machine made things and not hand-made.

Favourite word.

KASSA – The house of two

Your drug.

Exploring materials and travelling.

If not Jaipur, then?

Any place which is as rich in crafts as Jaipur.

Beach or mountains?

Anything which gets us to travel.

Think or do?

I am a thinker and Arpan is a doer.

What’s the wildest (aspirational) dream you’ve ever had?

“Kassa” added in the dictionary akin to aesthetically cool.

What is your constant?



Trust yourself.

Style to you is…

“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art!”

Team Ikkivi 2015

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