Ek taara speaks

I find it incredibly necessary to go beyond the person. I need to know why they’re here and what they make of this earth. I need to ask them what they mean. And I need them to know that I want to know every little thing, dark and light, simple and complex, forgotten and cherished, insignificant and celebrated. What are we all if not a careful genesis of each other.

Speaking to Priyanka Chugh of Ek taara, I get closer to all that she stands for.


What made you Ek taara?

Since I can remember I was always swayed towards everything that represented creativity. Very early in life I knew my dream but understood its depth only very recently in life. That is why the name had to represent the journey. The name, Ek taara just came to me in just 10 minutes into brainstorming. I felt it perfectly elaborated the beautiful feeling of oneness, with a hint of nostalgia while also having a harmonious ring to it. Ek taara- is a simple wish to promote the spirit of oneness. A name to represent our country as One, as A shining star, as Ek taara.

Where would you be if you had decided to follow the norm?

I have been not following the norm since forever so I guess If I had to be forced to follow the norm – I might have gotten married very early in life.

What fabric does Ek taara depend on?

Hand printed & Hand made. All things Indian born !Traditions enveloping modernity in a cotton and silk blend.

What’s the most underrated Indian tradition?

Nose rings! I absolutely love different style of Nose rings n Nose pins and most importantly the attitude one sports with it. I wear it all the time.

The one beautiful thing in the world today

Growing spiritual awareness among youth

There are too many designers…

Mixing East and west styling.

Favourite word.

Crraazyyyy- if something is going well- I say wow this is crrrazyyy and if something is not right- I still say this is crrazyyy. ugh!

Your drug.

Uncontrollable laughter over a cup of coffee.

If not Jaipur, then?

An island where the happy souls just work & meditate and work and laugh. In loop.

Beach or mountains?

Both the landscapes for my variety of moods. I absolutely love the beach for celebrations and love the mountains for getting strength & courage.

Think or do?

Hmmm… Hmmmmm… Just do it 🙂

What’s the wildest (aspirational) dream you’ve ever had?

To be able to find a hint of Ek taara in everyone, everywhere. A brand to be a part of people’s lives.

What is your constant?



“If nothing changed then there’d be no butterflies.” -Walt Disney

Style to you is…

Your own Identity coupled with Simplicity.

Team Ikkivi 2015

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