What made you Synonym of Indian Style?

We studied virtual fitting and technology at NIFT. In 2013 while working with a lot of designers, we noticed that designers don’t get to present their true design talent and artistic freedom due to infrastructure limitations and cost of marketing. We decided to start collections that can curate designers print and art work onto our ensembles. Artists with digital designs can now find them on a piece of SINS. It’s jackets today but it’ll be more tomorrow. And instead of these designers throwing their dreams away, they now have another channel for their design to reach its audience.

Where would you be if you had decided to follow the norm?

I would be working in an export house — me and all these guys who decided to fight the system with me. I would not be able to get out of bed. I may even have been an R.J. But nothing would have made me a happier person than taking the plunge.

What fabric/sensibility does SINS depend on?

PETA is a partner of SINS Forever. We believe in ethical, eco-friendly fabric. Organic, no use of water, breathable fabric.

What’s the most underrated Indian tradition?

The use of accessories. Fast fashion and western consumerism has taken us away from our traditional love of accessories. We used to love ornamenting ourselves. Why don’t we anymore? Necklaces, big bangles and bindhis. We need to bring them back.

There are too many designers…

Trying to be another ‘ethnic’ designer. They’re each trying to follow the stereotypical route to market. No one’s willing to defy the norm even if it means a longer road. It’s the same old fashion weeks and store openings. Where’s our imagination?

The one beautiful thing in the world today?

People being connected. We’re more connected today than we’ve ever been before. There are so many more conversations taking place. People from beyond your demographic, from different levels, connect today and find that they all do have something in common.

Favourite word.


Your drug.

Creating. Knowing each day that whatever I do will add value to someone’s life — in terms of fashion, lifestyle, philosophy — anything at all. As long as I’m creating and adding value, I am alive.

If not Bombay, then?

Nowhere but Bombay for me.

Beach or mountains?

Definitely beach.

Today or tomorrow?

Always today.

What’s the wildest dream you’ve had?

Jumping off a speeding yacht.


Follow your dreams. Get out. Disconnect. Life is not on the internet.

Style to you is…

Comfort and self-expression

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