11 days and a Sunday

Image source: Alamy Stock Photos
Image source: Alamy Stock Photos

We would like to tell you why Ikkivi was born. You won’t be too far off if you find more than one reason in our carefully dictated crossword below.

Unlike most primates, us humans prefer to remain clothed at all times — more or less. Now take that notion and subject it to normalcy, habit, need and engineered routine. You get the dull picture, don’t you?

There are countries well endowed with tradition and culture and they each look towards their mothership — India — for inspiration. Now, can you imagine how dull our lives would be if we didn’t occasionally lapse into a moment of…culture? No bhandhini, no khadhi, no batik, no silk. We’re not here to say we’ve wound the clock back, receded to our roots and defied all forms of progress. No. Not really. We’re trying to say that progress no longer means one or the other. I don’t have to be entirely Western or Indian to belong to both parts of the world. I simply pick silhouettes that the world recognises and cut them from fabric that is as nostalgic as it is traditional. I choose to belong, unequivocally, to all parts of the world at once.

Designs by ROHA — Featured on Ikkivi
Designs by ROHA — Featured on Ikkivi

We started to wonder where we could turn to clothe ourselves in a manner that reflected our growing want of freedom. The wave of fast fashion had swept us in, pleasantly so, of course. We were happy to be able to dress ‘normally’ like the rest of the world. Interestingly, the global appeal of ethnic fashion had also swept the world in, or so it seemed. They wanted to be like us.

So what becomes of the rest of us? The ones not so easily sold on deals, western consumerism and penchant Indianness. The ones too acutely aware of burgeoning Indian talent and a new generation of thought. We rest our hope and ambition on a couple of free-thinkers pioneering the slow, real fashion movement. Gutsy. Truth be told though, if not now then when?

We promoted Ikkivi for 11 days and a Sunday prior to unfastening our support-systems and taking the leap. If you’ve got this far, the password to enter www.ikkivi.com is hereatlast

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